Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Strawberry Mango Recovery Smoothie

I have become a huge fan of smoothies since kicking my addiction to added sugars and processed snack foods.  

Using whole fruits and other natural ingredients, smoothies serve as a healthy and tasty between-meal snack.  The fiber in the fruit counteracts the negative effects of fructose during metabolism.  Smoothies help keep energy levels up and triglyceride levels down.

As a cyclist, I try to adhere to Edmund Burke’s post-ride recovery recommendations of a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein.  The purpose of this is to quickly replenish glycogen stores after an endurance event or hard work-out.  I do this by adding whey protein and electrolyte mix to my usual smoothie.  I also add Kefir, which is basically liquid yogurt, as part of my daily pro-biotic ritual.

I buy most of my ingredients from Trader Joe’s.  I pick up the Hammer HEED electrolyte drink mix from my local bike shop.  I blend it all up in the Ninja Master Prep.

Here’s my recipe for a delicious Strawberry Mango Recovery Smoothie.  If you don’t need the recovery benefits, leave out the whey and electrolyte mix for a 400-calorie, healthy snack.  Enjoy!

4 ounces Trader Joe’s Kefir (strawberry or plain)
4 ounces Trader Joe’s Orange Strawberry Banana Juice (or regular OJ)
8 ounces Trader Joe’s Vanilla Soy Milk (or plain)
1 scoop Trader Joe’s Vanilla Whey protein powder
1 scoop Hammer HEED Mandarin Orange (or Strawberry) electrolyte drink mix
1 cup frozen, sliced strawberries
1 cup frozen, sliced mangos

Add ingredients in above order and blend until smooth.

This should yield a 24 ounce beverage with the 4:1 carb to protein recovery ratio recommended for endurance athletes.  All measurements and nutritional values are estimated.  Substituting other brands or flavors will change values, but should retain the ratio.

Nutrition Facts (estimated)                          Cal      Fat      Sod     Carb   Fiber   Sugar  Protein
Trader Joe’s Strawberry Kefir, 4 oz             85      1.00    62.5     12.5      1.5       10        7.00
TJ’s Orange Strawberry Banana, 4 oz            60      0.00     5.0     15.0      0.0       12          .50
TJ’s Vanilla Soy Milk, 8 oz                              90      3.50    70.0      8.0      1.0         7         7.00
TJ’s Vanilla Whey Protein, 1 scoop                 65      1.00    57.5      5.5      0.0         4         8.00
Hammer HEED mandarin orange, 1 sc            105      0.00     40.0     27.0    0.0         3         0.00
Strawberries, 1 cup                                      49      0.45       2.0     11.7    3.0         7         1.00
Mangos, 1 cup                                             107       0.45      3.0     28.0    3.0       24         0.84
Totals                                                        561      6.40  240.0  107.7   8.5      67     24.34

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